Twitter enjoy considerable and steady traffic every single day. If you can use Twitter for marketing, surge in traffic and profit is very likely. Basic stress lies in communication aspect than marketing, until one is able to establish brand image and name. One has to be in constant communication with friends and followers on Twitter. This is the basic step in Twitter marketing.

Create an account with a proper name that reflects your niche and also sends out clear message. Send tweets regularly in the beginning. This builds relationship and trust among Twitter users. Twitter marketing needs one to start with informative tweets pertaining to your business, to earn a base of future clients with your product needs. Earning target market contact is one of the most crucial Twitter marketing strategies.

Any queries, or general tweets must be responded to immediately. This gives a good impression and is important for image building during Twitter marketing. Marketing should be done once in a while, when you have new products to announce, or have client specific product ready for sale, etc. Tweeting with marketing articles always, is not a good idea and might trigger reduction in fan base.

Twitter marketing also needs knowledge of applications available with Twitter. There are tutorials for getting acquainted with applications for marketing. Many applications offered are very good for automating marketing, thus diverting more traffic to your website and gaining more profits.

Applications like Tweet Adder will help automate posts on Twitter and find more target audience. There is also Sponsored Tweets that pays tweeters, when they populate these advertisements.

You can also use SocialOomph for increasing productivity. Using Hummingbird will let you find your target audience for targeted Twitter marketing. Tweet Whistle is another application that gets you Twitter followers automatically. Twitter Tycoon, Twitter Blaster Pro, Flash Tweet and many such applications can be used to your advantage.

You can also use EasyTweets, which is another Twitter marketing app and can be used to promote your business. Find the right applications for locating target audience and then apply planned Twitter marketing strategies.

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