Alexa Website Rating Explained: Why it is important for your website? 

Alexa ranking is a good tool to know about a website’s traffic and other page parameters like page views per visitor, percentage of per million users, etc. Tracking website visitors and getting vital statistics is easily managed with the help of Alexa ranking.

When you have installed Alexa toolbar, you can get to know the traffic received by a website. This is useful, when contemplating buying an advertisement space on it. A website’s Alexa ranking, takes into account the traffic data for three months to update current ranking.

A website’s page rank given by Google, is very different from that of Alexa ranking. One should understand that these statistics are given for online visitors using Alexa toolbar only. So, even when a website may have more visitors, it need not be reflected in Alexa ranking, only because many of it do not use Alexa toolbar. This tool can be used for monitoring traffic on any website.

Using Alexa toolbar, also helps one improve their Alex ranking. Installing this toolbar may be advantageous for people into blogging. They can start earning more from their blog, if they  improve their Alexa ranking. Web search using Alexa toolbar, fetches important website information and also improves the ranking. Beware, it is not a Google pagerank!

Alexa ranking can be used to get an idea about traffic to a particular website. You can get more information about a website, if you have installed this toolbar. Lower the Alexa ranking, better is a site’s traffic. This ranking is generally in between 1 to 4,000,000. Website with 1 is enjoying most online traffic and 4,000,000 has the least. If your website ranking is about 200,000, it is still having good traffic, as many as 20 times the website with ranking of 4,000,000. Parameters like reach per million users give a rough estimate of online users for a website. A percentage of 25% means, in about one million people, around 250,000 visitors come to this website.

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