SMO is the new term on the block, used in relevance to online marketing. Online advertising is never static, there are new ways emerging each day to advertise online and make it to top in this competition. Every tact for optimization, aims to make a site visible to search engines. But these are times of social connectivity and lesser searches through search engines. This calls for a new evolved plan for showing one’s online presence, which is Social Media Optimization.

Social Media Optimization aims to make use of social platform, to advertise their presence and also play its part for SEO. By making use of Facebook business page, or using YouTube for uploading useful videos for online visitors, one can increase visibility of their firm not only on search engines, but also to the online visitors who throng social media sites.

While SEO makes a website more easily accessible to search engines, it does not use much of social networking platform to its advantage. Online advertising plan is complete, when one makes use of SMO techniques as well. This helps one to have more links to their website and thus help in implementing proper SEO methods. When there are more inbound links, a website’s ranking will increase, thus achieving results for SEO efforts. To differentiate between the two in simpler terms, SEO can be aimed as diverting traffic from search engines, while SMO is cashing in on traffic diversion from social media websites.

Publicity through SMOm fetches more traffic to one’s website which is also a factor that helps increase ranking and thus helping in SEO scenario. Video sharing websites like YouTube, social networks like Facebook and Orkut, are used to socialize with the online visitors and thus achieve results that are on par with SEO techniques.

For a website to be able to make its mark, both SMO and SEO have to be implemented efficiently. SEO manages to bring the chunk of traffic from only one place, and also holds the attention of the visitor in the website, while SMO brings in traffic from more places and websites and is not concerned with target website’s optimization.

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